Home Owners Association (HOA)

Advantages of Choosing Stevenson Tree Care For Your HOA

At Stevenson Tree Care we specialize in tree preservation, providing root and soil care, insect and disease management, structural pruning and artificial support systems to extend and preserve the life of your trees.  While general landscapers and lawn care companies may be proficient in multiple common tasks such as mowing lawns, weeding and digging flowerbeds, they often lack the knowledge and experience to effectively care for trees. Without the proper knowledge and training, simple tasks such as trimming and pruning can actually damage trees, decreasing tree health and increase the potential for failure later in life. Poorly maintained trees diminish the value of your property, represent significant liabilities and live shorter less productive lives.

The certified arborists at Stevenson Tree Care are extremely knowledgeable in tree structure, function, and stay up to date with the most recent tools and techniques to provide a higher level of care to your trees.  Contact Stevenson Tree Care today to find out how we can assist with the management of your property by:

  • Determining the tree care needs necessary to maintain the health and appearance of trees
  • Properly prune trees to improve the structure, safety, light penetration and reduce wind resistance
  • Identify hazard trees and assist with mitigation of the hazards
  • Work with property managers to reduce ongoing maintenance
  • Assist with tree selection and planting location to ensure a long lived productive tree