Commercial Tree Care


Commercial tree services we offer:

Commercial Tree Maintenance: We keep your trees healthy and beautiful with proper tree care maintenance. Your well-managed commercial trees will enhance your curb appeal and solidify your brand.

Commercial Tree Trimming: Trees that are properly pruned live longer, create a safer environment and enhance your property’s appearance.

Commercial Tree & Shrub Fertilization: To help preserve your green investments, we’ll develop a plant health care plan for your trees & shrubs that includes a slow-release fertilizer to replace lost or missing nutrients. A customized fertilizing program is designed to  improve your trees and shrubs resistance to disease, insect infestation and drought stress.

Shrub Pruning & Services: At Stevenson Tree Care we are highly skilled at shrub trimming or pruning. We know how to keep your shrubs healthy and neat so you can be confident your property will always look its best.