Tree Fertilization

Why fertilize your trees?

Soil in the built-up urban environment has many factors that limit its ability to provide the nutrients, moisture, and structure necessary for healthy trees to survive and thrive in the landscape. In fact, nutrient deficiency in the soil is often the instigating factor that allows insect and disease problems to occur in our trees. Caring for the quality of the soil is a critical component of tree care and maintenance, particularly for trees that are under stress from soil compaction, construction damage, drought, insect/disease infestation, or simply old age.

Healthy soil is a composite of mineral particles, organic matter, water, air and a living element that includes thousands of species of bacteria, fungi, insects, and worms. This living element is responsible for breaking down the organic matter in the soil, and releasing the trapped nutrients that trees need to survive and thrive. Soil microbes and the roots they feed require adequate moisture and air for optimum growth and development. Construction equipment, vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and even lawnmower use can compact the soil structure, resulting in sterile, drought-stricken soils.

A custom-tailored soil and root care application from Stevenson Tree Care increases tree vigor and health, allowing the trees to strengthen their natural defenses and live a longer, healthier life. Our soil amendment and fertilization treatment for trees and shrubs enhance the soil dynamics with valuable micronutrients and biostimulants, creating a healthier and more ecologically sustainable root zone to promote healthy root growth. Nutrients and soil amendments are injected directly into the plant’s root zone. However, the bulk of the fertilizer remains in the root zone for future use, providing for stable over-wintering and full spring development.

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