Pest & Disease Management

Left untreated, insects and tree diseases can quickly diminish the health of your trees and shrubs. At Stevenson Tree care, we have the knowledge of tree pests and diseases essential to maintaining the health of your trees.

Tree disease prevention and treatment begins with a comprehensive tree health evaluation, inspecting the tree for signs and/or symptoms of pest and disease. During this inspection, we will determine the overall health of the tree, correctly identify the pest or disease causing the symptom, and recommend the appropriate treatments to improve the health of your trees.

Our tree pest and disease management programs are individually tailored to fit the needs of your landscape and maximize the health and beauty of your trees. Treatment of tree pest and disease is only effective with proper diagnosis, and when the treatment plan is tailored to the tree species, specific pest or disease, and the desired outcome.

Professional treatments can help protect your trees and enhance the health of your landscape, increasing your property value. At Stevenson Tree Care, we act as experienced tree doctors who diagnose and treat many types of tree diseases.

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