Who We Are

Our Approach

Way to often trees in our landscapes are lost prematurely, due to soil compaction,  insect and disease infestation, environmental stress, low soil fertility, structural failure, or the unwarranted fears of property owners and managers. While trees do die and some trees become are structurally unsafe requiring tree removal as the only management tool, we strive to increase tree health and structural stability, providing tree care options centered around the idea of preserving the trees already in your landscape.

Our tree care services centers on two aspects of the growing tree: tree health and tree structure.

Tree health issues are associated with the ability of the circulatory system to absorb water and nutrients from the soil and air, and the ability of the tree to produce a full canopy. Our Plant Health Care specialists focus on this aspect of tree care, offering a wide range of services designed to improve the growing conditions for your trees and shrubs.

These services include:

  • soil testing and remediation
  • prescription fertilization
  • insect and disease management
  • application of tree growth regulators
  • mulching

Tree structure refers to the woody framework of the plant, including roots, trunk, and branches. Trees can be massive,  and as they age, they depend on a structural foundation to remain stable and strong even with a tendancy to accumulate cracks, splits, cavities, and associated decay. It is common for trees with severe structural defects to produce a full foliar canopy up until they fail. Appearing “healthy” to the casual observer, these structural defects can increase the risk of structural failure, causing damage to the plant and adjacent property. We address structural issues with:

  • developmental tree pruning – to manage the development of a central leader and scaffold branch systems
  • targeted tree pruning – to manage size, shade, and improve structural stability
  • structural tree bracing – for supplemental support of structural defects

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