Root and Soil Care

Soil in the urban environment is subject to many factors that limit its ability to provide the proper nutrients, moisture and structure necessary for healthy trees to survive in the landscape. Compaction, lack of organic matter, insufficient soil structure and limited rooting area all combine to make a harsh environment for your trees root system. Poor root health because of insufficient soil structure is often the instigating factor allowing for disease and insect problems in our plants. A custom-tailored soil and root care program increases tree vigor and health, allowing your trees to strengthen their natural defenses and live a longer healthier life.

In addition to replenishing the soil with necessary nutrients and repairing soil structure for continued growth and vigor, soil amendments and fertilization treatments provide these significant plant health care benefits:
• Healthier appearance and growth
• Increased soil aeration and carrying capacity
• Relief from sources of urban stress
• Aids in recovery of declining mature trees
• Repair of damage from drought stress