Tree Risk Assessment

Enjoy Peace of Mind with a Tree Risk Assessment from Stevenson Tree Care

In urban and suburban areas, unhealthy or damaged trees can present a significant risk to people and property. At Stevenson Tree Care we can help you identify and manage tree risk (and possibly sleep a little easier) with a formal tree risk assessment.

Broadly defined, tree risk is the likelihood that a particular tree will fail, multiplied by the consequences of that failure.   All trees have the potential to fail, and unfortunately structurally unsound or damaged trees can present a significant risk to people and property.

The arborist’s Stevenson Tree Care are specially trained to evaluate tree risk and can help you manage tree risk by completing a formal Tree Risk Assessment.  A formal Tree Risk Assessment looks at structural defects in the root plate, stem and canopy that could increase the likelihood of tree failure.

At Stevenson Tree Care we have advanced knowledge of tree structure, mechanics and biology and will conduct a visual inspection identifying structural defects that increase the risk of tree failure and the consequences of possible failure to people and surrounding property.  Along with the tree risk assessment, you’ll receive a plan to mitigate tree risk immediately and future preventative maintenance recommendations to minimize tree risk over time.

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“A tree without branches is not a tree.”
—Shigo (1986)